Highlands Trip, June 18th 2012

Would have been nice to post this in real time but it still serves the purpose of sharing my travels and photography albeit a little after the event.

Set off at a quite an early hour from my base in the far south-west of Scotland in the knowledge that it would allow me time to reach my planned destination without having to be too heavy on the gas, always takes an age though to load everything including the kitchen sink in the car for a nine day trip.

Camera stayed in the bag until I was north of Inverness and most of the pics here will be from my iPhone.

Travelled a road I had never been on before from just north of Lairg, to Laxford Bridge and was rewarded with some splendid mountain scenery on entering the North West Geo Park.

Ben Stack

Came across this combination of flags flying on Loch Merkland which amused me.

Jolly Scottish Roger

I stopped for a while to stretch my legs beside Loch More and take in the views across to Arkle which was enhanced by the boathouse and reflections in my next image.

Arkle across Loch More

Although early evening now there was still plenty of light as Northern Scotland is practically the land of the midnight sun in mid June. As I headed further north I was able to enjoy the view of the conical peak of Ben Stack from a different perspective.

Ben Stack from Loch Laxford

The scenery was now beginning to take on a subtle glow from the now setting sun, my final destination on the first day of this trip would be the most north westerly harbour reachable by road on the British mainland at Port Chaligaig in Sutherland. As I navigated the ever narrowing road I was greeted by an excellent sunset.

Port Chaligaig

As the sun does not set until 22:30 and is up again at 04:15 it never really gets dark one of the reasons for taking the trip north at this time of year.

After an enjoyable walk along the cliffs with only a few sheep for company I made my way to the little pier and enjoyed taking in the isolated beauty of the place, the peacefulness only disturbed by the shriek of a passing sea bird.

Droman Pier

It was now well after sundown and feeling tired after notching up 359 miles on the road I set up camp for the night, right beside Droman pier, a final cup of tea for the day and I was soon fast asleep under a cloudless sky with the temperature quickly falling to as low as 4 degrees, cool for June but helps keep the biggest nuisance of all, the midge at bay !

All Mod Cons

Until the next time…….


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